In my Fischerhude studio I produce exclusive and lavish garment and clothes which are half fashion and half art. All objects are classic and follow very often ethnological or historical patterns. They are wearable and you can easily combine them. The technical and creative work reflects in the precious material of silk and gives every single garment a high value of its own. No piece is like the other, even though they all follow the same idea. The main focus of my work “Sachen in Seide” lies in the fact that each detail is coordinated with the individuality of the later wearer.

I also produce textile pictures which have pockets and can be changed. They do not assert to be complete but they invite their owners to interfere creatively and to change or complete them on their own. Hardly visible pockets can be filled with all kind of things, flexible lines are changeable. Several years ago from the island of Bali, I took the idea of “Umbul-Umbul” flags. These neatly and individually worked flags represent another part of my work, which, however, is not made of silk. This completes the circle of favourite things that accompany their owners – either directly on their bodies or in their houses, their flats or outside in their gardens. I shall be happy to answer your questions.

Please contact me under 04293-1235 (++49-4293-1235 from abroad) or per email: friederike@sensfuss.com.

Enjoy yourself !